Privacy Policy

6 Month Payday Loans A to Z is formed to serve financial products and services in a hassle-free manner to the citizens. To complete every process successfully we need some information from an applicant or from a visitor.

. The full name of an applicant to include in our form
. Electronic mail id for communication
. PIN code with permanent residence address
. Survey through our site might be done to know about the interest f a customer

Following are the steps which are processed with your information:

. This is extremely important to keep your private data to record our internal activities and in-house data history.
. We, from this site, do not transfer and share any personal information of our clients to any third party.
. We are committed to improve our services to all valued customers by sending email to clients and by asking them to reply with feedbacks.
. Communication is also made by sending news letters to clients. This is exclusively done inform you about the latest products from us. We only send news updates of those products and services which may fulfill your requirements. This is totally based on your basic details available with us.
. A host of ads are also posted in our website and they are supported by third party sources. If you get any unpleasant result for clicking on those advertisements then we are not answerable for that by any legal term.
. If you want to delete your personal data from our website then you can click on the exit link which is available with every email we send to you. You can select that link and can visit our website for eliminating your private information.
. On the other hand, if you need to delete any personal data from the third party source then you can perform that by visiting the privacy polities of those sites and by selecting their opting out options.

Your data shield:

We take all protective measures to store your personal information physically and electronically within our network with premium safety.

Alteration of privacy policy:

We are the only owner of this website ad therefore we reserve the complete right to alter any content and material of this website.

Contact details:

We have included separate page for our contact details in this website.

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