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12 Month Payday Loans is ready to provide those products and services which are suitable to cater the needs you are having right now. Spending your time here within this website and applying for products and services means you are accepting our conditions and terms. The privacy policy which is here in this website with a different page, also take granted as the part of these conditions. At any point, if you are not in a mode to support our terms then it is wise not to proceed further browsing in this site.

Our terms and conditions are straightly mentioned below for your knowledge:

. No other source can share the authority except us in this website as a proprietor to keep control on any content modification and material formation.

. As we are the prime and the only legal owner so we have mentioned our business details like trade registration number, area of business registration and business licensed number at the time of registration here in this website.

. There are some exterior parties which are linked with our website and they have cookies to take your personal data only to record your browsing data. [ list of details that are taken by cookies to be mentioned here]

. There is no warranty and guarantee of products and services through our website that are meant for customers and hence, we are not responsible for any odd consequence that is met by a client.

. As we are the rightful owner, we have complete right to take penalties and drag those to courts for punishment if any design, outline, layout, graphic, material and content have been copied and misused without any prior permission from us.

. The laws of United Kingdom are the final destination if any dispute arises and needs to be solved legally.

. Punishment is there for those who try to perform illegal acts with our content and materials of this website.

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